King's Flora Digest plus 250ml

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<h2>Flora Digest 250 ml</h2>

An intestine conditioner as a support for birds in periods of problems with liquid droppings caused by stress, after medical treatments and during the moulting period

• King Flora Digest Plus is a concentrated extract of 15 carefully chosen vegetables and herbs.
• Contains components enhancing the healing properties of medicines.
• Naturally maintains the balance of the pH-value.

Fumitory – Herba Fumariae
Blessed thistle – Herba Cardui Benedicti
Scotch mint – Folia Menthae pip.
Boneset – Herba Eupatoriae
Icelandic moss – Islandicus Lichen
Alkanet – Radix Alkannae
Ash leaves – Folia Fraxini
White horehound – Herba Marrubii Albi
Cleavers – Herba Galii Aparinis
Nettle leaves – Folia Urticae
Raspberry leaves – Folia Rubi Idaei
Hyssop – Herba Hyssopi
Myrtle leaves – Folia Myrthae
Echinacea / dead nettle – Labium Album
ART N°: 75007000

• 10ml per 250ml of drinking water
• During the moulting period: twice per week
• Before the start of the exhibition season: on 8 consecutive days
• During the exhibition period: once per week

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