King Egg Food 1kg

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Egg Food Yellow

King Egg Food  1 kgs bags in a box

King Yellow Egg Food is a complementary food for all species of seed-eating birds. Because of its coarse structure King Yellow Egg Food is completely absorbed. King Egg Food contains all the vital nutrients for young and adult birds during the resting, breeding, and moulting season: (animal and vegetable) proteins, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements.

King Yellow Egg Food is composed of quality ingredients: egg, honey,… Thanks to the additional honey King Egg Food is ready for use.

Instructions for use:
King Yellow Egg Food can be fed straight to the birds or can be completed with germinated seeds, vegetables and/or fruit.

• Resting period: feed 2 to 3 times weekly 1/4 of a daily ration of King Egg Food.
• Breeding season: feed birds with King Egg Food as much as they like.
• Moulting period: feed 1/4 of a day’s ration of King Egg Food on a daily basis.

Complementary food for birds.

Ingredients: bakery products, egg and egg products, vegetable protein extracts, seeds, sugars, oils and fats, minerals.

King Yellow Egg Food


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