Hand Rearing Food 240g

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King Hand Rearing food is the ideal breeding food for all types of young birds.
It is particularly suitable for additional feeding of youngsters still in their nest.

How to use?
Hand feed must always be prepared using lukewarm water (37°C)! In the beginning the thin mash must be injected. As the youngsters grow older prepare a thicker mash (see table). See to it that between two feedings, the bird’s gizzard is always empty.

Caution: The mash must be freshly prepared before every meal. It is preferable to prepare the feed portions in small quantities.

Age                     Hand Rearing Food                              Water
0 to 2 days             1 part                                                 6 parts
day 2 – day 3         1 part                                                  5 parts
day 3 – day 4         1 part                                                  4 parts
day 4 – day 5         1 part                                                  3 parts
Day 5 – weaning   1 part                                                  2 parts

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