European Finch Egg Food 10kgs

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European Finch Egg Food

King European / British Finch Egg Food is especially composed for the breeding of all native birds. Contains real egg for protein, contains honey for palatability, contains vitamins for conditioning. It is enriched with dehydrated gammarus (little dried shrimps) which is readily accepted by softbills, insectivorous finches and waxbills. This product is an optimal source of animals protiens all birds

King European Finch Egg Food is composed of quality ingredients: egg, honey,vitamins and dried shrimps. Thanks to the additional honey King Egg Food is ready for use.

Instructions for use:
European Finch Egg Food can be fed straight to the birds or can be completed with germinated seeds, vegetables and/or fruit.

• Resting period: feed 2 to 3 times weekly 1/4 of a daily ration of King Egg Food.
• Breeding season: feed birds with King Egg Food as much as they like.
• Moulting period: feed 1/4 of a day’s ration of King Egg Food on a daily basis.

Complementary food for birds.

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