King's Egg Food Red 10kg bags

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King Egg Food Red

King Egg Food Red is a complementary food for red-coloured canaries and all other seed-eating red factor birds. The coarse structure allows King Egg Food Red to be fully assimilated.

This product contains all the necessary nutrients young and adult birds need during the resting-, breeding- and moulting season: (animal and vegetable) proteins vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements.

King Egg Food Red consists of quality raw materials:
egg, honey,… Thanks to the additional honey this product is ready for use.

To get an intensive red colour, canthaxanthin powder must be added to the egg food or the drinking water during the breeding and moulting period. Attention: the egg food is not coloured red!

Instructions for use:
King Egg Food Red can be fed straight to the birds or can be completed with germinated seeds, vegetables and/or fruit.
• Resting period: feed 2 to 3 times weekly 1/4 of a daily ration of King Egg Food Red.
• Breeding season: feed birds with King Egg Food Red as much as they like.
• Moulting period: feed 1/4 of a day’s ration of King Egg Food Red on a daily basis.

Complementary food for birds.

Ingredients: bakery products, egg and egg products, vegetable protein extracts, seeds, sugars, oils and fats, minerals.

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