About Us

Welcome to www.Eggfood.co.uk.

As an established Breeder and Exhibitor of Fife and Border Canaries I realise the importance of a balanced diet for our Birds must not be underestimated. This has led me to discover an exciting range of feeds available from Belgium called KING Qualifood. KING Eggfood is a complimentary feed for all species of seed eating Birds. Because of it’s course structure KING Eggfood is completely absorbed. KING Eggfood contains all the vital nutirients, Protein, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals and Trace Elements for all young and adult Birds during resting , Breeding or the Moulting season.

From an initial supply to a few fellow exhibitors in east Anglia and by word of mouth recommendations has seen an overwhelming demand.

My new Website www.eggfood.co.uk now enables fellow Bird Keepers across the UK the opportunity to view and purchase this fantastic range of products

We hope you enjoy browsing our products and feel free to contact us if you have any products you may be interested in or if there are other products not listed we may be able to source these also.